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I signed up for Marisa Peer's course on Mindvalley Academy called 'Uncompromised Life' at the request of a friend who was helping me navigate through this incredibly difficult period.  Marisa's course consisted of 6 parts and each part had a self hypnosos RTT® session as part of the learning and healing process.  I listened morning and night to these recorded sessions and began to calm my nervous system, quiet my 'monkey mind' and feel the peace and joy within me bubbling back up, the breath in my body becoming deeper and more controlled, and the power within me growing stronger.  I wrote on all of my mirrors, "I am Enough" or "I Love You" as Marisa suggested in her course.  I felt that I had an anchor to hold onto.  I retrained my brain. As anonymous as I was to her, she provided me with the tools to help me develop self love and self respect that I realized I had been compromising ever since I was a child. I created so many of the patterns I was acting out before I was 8 years old.


The modality of RTT® not only helped me find my way through a really rough patch in my life, but fascinated me from a teaching standpoint.  I have always been a 'seeker' and curious to understand what drives humans to act the way they do. I majored in and received my undergraduate degree from George Mason University in philosophy and I learned SO much about the human mind and the foundations of our experience.  My second passion, being a Trauma Informed Yoga and meditation instructor, opened up the world of Yoga philosophy. This helped me delve deeper into the exploration of the human mind/body/soul connection, and explained so many things on a more subtle level. My spirituality and connection to something bigger than me has greatly shifted my perspective.  I have read countless books, listened to thousands of podcasts and programs on the human mind, the human spirit, what breaks us and what heals us.


So in my late 50s in early 2020 during the covid shut down, I decided to get trained in RTT® Therapy and learn the incredible modality that really saved my life.  It was such a thorough and in depth training online that I wasn’t sure that I could do it, but it spoke to me so deeply that I did.  I am so grateful that I persisted and succeeded!


They say in Yoga that the most profound learning comes through DIRECT EXPERIENCE, and I have experienced directly the incredibly deep healing that RTT® has brought to my life.  I have seen it work on hundreds of people in my training with Marisa and now, I have seen it help dozens of people that I have worked with as a certified RTT® Therapist. NOTHING has ever made more sense to me than Marisa Peer's explanation that the only way to truly heal our traumas, our fears, our phobias, our addictions, and our grief, sadness, depression and stress is by finding the root cause, the original reason, the WHY.  And in locating the experiences that created the beliefs that drive our thinking and create our thoughts, actions, behaviors, habits we can change our destiny.  Now I am blessed with the skills and learning  to bring this fantastic healing modality to you.

When I first discovered RTT® back in 2019, I was newly separated from my husband, alone and scared.  I was feeling so much confusion and doubt, my mind was reeling and it was all I could do to keep it together and continue working and meeting my basic needs. I was operating in the survival part of my brain which had me in my sympathetic nervous system, fight/flight/freeze mode, all of my waking day.  I honestly think the only time I found peace and could let go and allow some healing into my mind and body was when I was teaching Yoga.

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